Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring – RMI


RIM is a value added service that facilitates access and monitoring of the IT Infrastructure from a Remote / Offshore location cost effectively. RIM hinges on an effective process where the focus is on delivering high uptime and hassle free management of remote infrastructure to companies.


  • IP Sec LAN to LAN VPN
  • Dedicated Link
  • Client specific service levels
  • Service coverage for local & overseas clients

Remote Administration & Monitoring:

  • Remote DBA Administration and Oracle /SQL Monitoring
  • Remote DNS Management & DNS Services monitoring
  • Remote system Administration for Solaris, Linux, ICMP and other TCP/UDP port monitoring.


  • Cost Effective
  • Availability of skilled Manpower eliminates the need to attract, hire, and retain skilled IT Personal.
  • Centralised management for the entire IT Infrastructure
  • Vendor Independent
  • Client centric Technology Consulting
  • ITIL Certified consultants
  • Technology specific certified SME’s
  • Information Security Experts