Our Services

E-Commerce Website
IIT Software has provided many clients with effective e-commerce websites.  We can create secure hosting with all you will need to sell your products on line. IIT Software can customise your site to match your own requirements, in harmony with your business and of course have it ready accept many different portals such as credit, debit and PayPal payments from your customers.

Whatever your business and however you wish to receive payment IIT Software will make sure that your customers complete their transactions smoothly, safely and securely.  With our fast response, back up and problem solving promise, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that this vital component of your business will not let you down.  The statistics for browsers leaving sites that do not offer instant and smooth access to merchant’s goods and payments are frightening.  Make sure that every person who finds your site, stays with it – to buy from you.

IT Consultancy services
IIT Software provides IT Consultancy services as a part of its services. Currently we provide IT contracting services to various companies in the UK and Europe. We can provide consultants on site should you wish.

Mobile Apps
IIT Software have been developing mobile applications for various companies throughout the world. Our clients are not only in the UK, we also have our clients in the US and other parts of the world. Mobile apps have been developed on Android and on iOS.

Offshore IT Software Development
We have an offshore team which works for some of our clients. We have outsourced few projects to our trusted suppliers in the UK and outside the UK. Few of our US clients are benefiting on costs and on quality in a huge manner. We can also provide consultants on site in the UK should you wish.

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring – RMI


RIM is a value added service that facilitates access and monitoring of the IT Infrastructure from a Remote / Offshore location cost effectively. RIM hinges on an effective process where the focus is on delivering high uptime and hassle free management of remote infrastructure to companies.


  • IP Sec LAN to LAN VPN
  • Dedicated Link
  • Client specific service levels
  • Service coverage for local & overseas clients

Remote Administration & Monitoring:

  • Remote DBA Administration and Oracle /SQL Monitoring
  • Remote DNS Management & DNS Services monitoring
  • Remote system Administration for Solaris, Linux, ICMP and other TCP/UDP port monitoring.


  • Cost Effective
  • Availability of skilled Manpower eliminates the need to attract, hire, and retain skilled IT Personal.
  • Centralised management for the entire IT Infrastructure
  • Vendor Independent
  • Client centric Technology Consulting
  • ITIL Certified consultants
  • Technology specific certified SME’s
  • Information Security Experts

Software and Scripts Installation
At IIT Software we are committed to getting you the maximum benefit from your website however simple or complicated it is.  While you might know what SEO and website maintenance is you may not be so familiar of the possibilities afforded by script installation.

Script installation is the installation and setup of custom designed or packaged scripts that are not easily installed on a web host or server. Scripts in this category can include shopping carts, forums, communities, blogs, content management systems, JavaScript and many others. There are a large variety of scripts available for download and installation and at iVeeha we are ready to explain and explore which scripts will be best for your website.

SEO Services
There is no doubt that having a well built and stylish website is the first step to a professional online presence for your business.  But that is of little use without the ability to attract some of the 2 billion online shoppers that are searching the web every day. You need to make sure your site offers the best chance of those shoppers finding your site when they make online enquiries that are relevant to your business.

At IIT Software we can offer you expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  With SEO you can make sure that your website is attractive to major search engines, such as Google.  Your SEO status will determine where your website appears in the listing order displayed in response to relevant on line search queries. Despite the claims of some SEO specialities it is impossible for anyone to predict exactly how Google will index any particular website, but IIT Software we can work with you to give your website the best possible chance of a high ranking.

Web Hosting & Maintenance
At IIT Software we offer website maintenance to cover all of your web support needs. We will work with you to ensure that your business website (or group of websites) will provide a real and calculable return on your investment. Whatever sizes your business is we will tailor a website maintenance package to suit your budget.
To ensure that your website is effective as a tool for promoting your business you will need to:
•    Ensure the content is up to date
•    Test function and address any issues promptly
•    Regularly analyse statistics, using the information to increase and boost performance
Even if IIT Software did not originally design or build your website, we can still manage, improve and maintain it efficiently and cost effectively and to your best advantage.  Whatever the situation, having an excellent website is essential to your business.  But no matter how sophisticated and eye catching your website is, if it does not work properly, potential customers will simply move on.  At IIT Software we can ensure that your website is always the best it can be with prompt and expert attention to any functionality issues.

Website Design & Development
There is no doubt that the Internet has transformed the way we do business. It has provided a trading platform for big and small businesses alike, and access to a wider global audience.
But as you set out your virtual stall on the Internet, the most difficult task may be to find a partner who understands your business domain, your unique requirements and who will provide you with customised solutions that will meet your needs.  With many thousand websites being created every day you need to be sure that yours will stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

At IIT Software we specialise in custom web design solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs. We offer website design that is cost effective, fast and search engine friendly. At IIT Software we are dedicated to making your presence felt on the Internet.

Web & Software Application Development
At IIT Software we pride ourselves on our custom web software development – software that is written specifically for our client’s business applications and that is designed and developed to meet a specific need and built to your specific requirements. There are many off-the-shelf, generic software packages out there but if you are looking for something designed exclusively for your business and to your specific requirements then IIT Software has the solution for you.   Our fully customisable software development services will provide applications capable of addressing the problems unique to your organisation. If the question is ‘will I save money and solve my current issues by having a custom made software application for my business?’ Then the answer is yes, if you have the IIT Software development team working on your software applications.